A Fog over the Bristol Harbor

The morning is brisk. I pick up dew with my feet when I walk the grassy paddock outside my door and find a bench to observe the morning stir. Bristol sleeps beneath a thick fog swept in by heavy sea air and funneled by hills on either side of the Avon River to where I … Continue reading A Fog over the Bristol Harbor

Chum in the Ocean

Every baby shark that wriggles free from its leathery eggshell after the required length of embryonic development learns to live by one rule: keep moving. It's about survival. Sharks carry oxygen in their blood derived from the translucent vastness they live in. Harvesting oxygen molecules to fuel metabolic activity requires continuous fresh water running silently … Continue reading Chum in the Ocean

All The Light We Cannot See

Some weeks ago a manatee happened to be grazing just offshore an island in Belize called Caye Caulker. From the ship’s prow I could discern its nose when it breached the surfaced for air at regular intervals. Should it not have required oxygen to live, we might never have seen it all.